NZTA surveying Hutt to Wellington Cyclists

As part of preparatory work for upgrading the Petone to Ngauranga cycle path, NZTA are carrying out a survey of current and potential cyclists. They are particularly interested in people who do not currently cycle between Wellington and the Hutt, but would, if the right facilities were provided.

“The NZ Transport Agency is seeking current or potential cyclists to fill out its survey about cycling between Hutt and Wellington.  Please take the time to  fill out our short survey (no more than 5 minutes).

In addition to gaining data from the survey, we are keen to recruit a broad cross section of cyclists who currently, or might in future, cycle between Hutt and Wellington and who would be interested in taking part in evening focus groups to determine what type of cycling facilities stimulate changes in route choice and cycling behaviour.  Once we have a number of surveys returned we will identify participants for focus groups and contact them, so it is very important that anyone willing to participate leaves their contact details.  You would be rewarded for your time.

The aim is to use the data from this survey and from the focus groups to better inform the scope of a future study into providing improved cycling facilities between Ngauranga and Petone.  The NZ Transport Agency has requested money from the National Land Transport Fund to investigate providing improved cycling facilities between Ngauranga and Petone and if it is successful in its bid for funds, will be able to use the results of this investigation to better scope out that piece of work.”

The survey is at

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