Plans for new reserve on Te Aranui o Pōneke

One of the nicest parts of the GHW/ Te Aranui o Pōneke is the Miramar Peninsula. The northern tip, Watts Peninsula or Te Motu Kairangi, has been in Defence Force hands since the “Russian scare” of the 1880s, but is no longer required. It’s been recently announced that the land will become a public park which is a great outcome for Te Aranui o Pōneke. Particulary encouraging is the suggestion that it could be like Stanley Park, which is one of the major tourist drawcards in Vancouver, with a great cycling and walking path around it. The photo shows people enjoying the great cycling and walking path around the park – maybe what we could have on the Miramar Peninsula one day?

yclists and walkers in Stanley Park, Vancouver

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