Shelly Bay Shenanigans and the GHW

How will proposed developments at Shelly Bay affect the Great Harbour Way/ Te Aranui o Pōneke? GHW Trust chair wrote this letter to the Dominion Post.

Chocolate Fish, Shelly Bay

In the heated debate about Shelly Bay and the scale of development, people have made valid points regarding the inadequacy of the road upgrade, should development proceed.

Shelly Bay to Scorching Bay is one of the most important and well-loved sections of the Great Harbour Way; one of the most important recreational spaces in Wellington. The proposed Heritage Park at the north end of the peninsula will make it an even more attractive destination.

If hundreds more cars and trucks will use it daily, then walkers and cyclists need substantially better protection. How can the council accept a 6-metre wide road with 1.5 metres of pedestrian space when its specialist report recommended a 14 metre-wide road and 8 metre walk-bike path? Maybe parts could be one-way for motorised traffic.

NZTA’s announcement this month to support the seaward Petone-Ngauranga section means Wellington’s 72km Great Harbour Way will become a magnet for commuting and tourism.

The current Shelly Bay plan could diminish and perhaps even sacrifice that opportunity. Council has invested in appropriate pathway provision elsewhere such as Evans Bay and Oriental Bay. It seems ironic and short-sighted that on this particularly attractive section Council is not staunchly requiring compliance from developers.

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