Tupua Horo Nuku Eastern Bays Shared Path update


This update from Waka Kotahi / NZTA:

Welcome to the Tupua Horo Nuku Eastern Bays Shared Path project email newsletter.

We are working hard to deliver Tupua Horo Nuku Eastern Bays Shared Path.

This project has recently reached a significant milestone with the beginning of construction in Mā-koromiko. This is a huge achievement and represents the many months of hard work that have gotten us to this point.

We have also begun the process of detailed design for the next section of Tupua Horo Nuku. This includes Mahina Bay, York Bay and Whiorau Reserve.

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Construction Progress Update
Construction of the seawalls has begun in Mā-koromiko. It is anticipated that this bay will take 5-6 months to complete before works move to Sunshine Bay. The method for construction is outlined in the image below.

All construction work is required to be performed under a one lane traffic closure. This will be in place during daytime hours. A map illustrating the traffic management for the project can be seen below.

The project team will also be occupying the beach, informal car parking and boat ramp located within Mā-koromiko throughout the length of construction for this bay. Alternatives for these can be found in the other bays and in Eastbourne.

Method for construction of seawalls

Illustration of traffic management in Mā-koromiko

Prior to construction, we have completed various pieces of enabling works throughout the two bays including:

Installation of the temporary roundabout at the southern end of Mā-koromiko.
Relocation of overhead power poles in Sunshine Bay to the landward side of the road.
Wave defence barriers along the length of the work site.
Ecological investigations have also been undertaken to ensure we are adequately mitigating the potential effects of the works on the environment. This includes investigations of both the intertidal and subtidal areas as well as sweeps for Kororā/little blue penguins and variable oystercatchers.

Temporary wave defence barriers will be installed at each construction site to keep the areas dry during works. They are currently in place at the southern end of Days Bay.

This section of the barriers has been split in two to maintain safe unimpeded passage for a nesting penguin located in a culvert in the centre of the site to the harbour. This rearrangement was done under the supervision of the project avifauna specialist to ensure there was no impact to the Kororā.

The site is also protected by fencing and public access to the construction area is limited due to safety reasons while the works are ongoing.

Tupua Horo Nuku North Design Process Update
We are now beginning the detailed design phase for the northern bays of Tupua Horo Nuku and alongside this, the consultation process with the community. The project team has put together draft design plans for the next bays planned to be built – Mahina Bay, York Bay and Whiorau Reserve. These are now available to view and download at the below link.

As this is the final stage of design before construction, many decisions have been made which have been consulted on during earlier phases of the project. A timeline of this previous consultation can be seen on the page.

As part of this early consultation, we are looking to gather public feedback on the plans, and in particular, the design elements highlighted within them. A survey is included in the below link, which allows for the community to provide general comments.


More information
Tupua Horo Nuku is being delivered on behalf of Hutt City Council and our partners by Te Ara Tupua Alliance.

The project has received funding from the Government’s Covid infrastructure recovery fund, in combination with matched funding from Waka Kotahi and Hutt City Council.

For more information on the project please visit hutt.city/tupuahoronuku

You can also contact the project team directly on tupuahoronuku@huttcity.govt.nz or 0800 135 255