New images and videos show updated Te Ara Tupua design

Click to view an animated fly-through of the Ngā Ūranga to Pito-One section of Te Ara Tupua

From Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency:

In the lead up to making our consent applications, we are sharing updated images and videos that show the tweaks and changes that have been made to the project’s design since we shared plans last year. 

One of the key design changes is a move to protect and preserve sensitive habitat areas. Located along the coast, existing gravel ‘beach’ areas provide valuable habitat for native species.

To reduce the project’s footprint in these beach areas, a vertical seawall will be incorporated into the path’s coastal edge. Ecological screens on top of these seawalls will prevent people from accessing the beaches, and reduce disturbance to the birds and other species that use these habitats.

You can see the locations of these habitat areas, as well as the path’s ūranga (landings) that provide space for people to gather – along with the project’s other key features in our new fly-through video.

You can get another view of these changes and the overall design in our new image gallery, and check out the project team explaining the work they’ve been doing on our videos page

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