Envisaging the Great Harbour Way

Recent improvements

Below are examples of the fantastic work that the Wellington City Council already has done on creating high quality routes as part of the Great Harbour Way.

Cobham Drive / Tahitai 

A wonderful example of having separated walking and cycling paths along the harbour that connect with the values of the mana whenua iwi.

More info: https://wellington.govt.nz/news-and-events/news-and-information/our-wellington/2021/03/cobham-drive-to-open

Oriental Bay

More info: https://www.transportprojects.org.nz/current/oriental-bay/

Planned improvements

Below are visualisations for work that is planned for various routes that will form part of the Great Harbour Way.

Eastern Bays Shared Path / Tupua Horo Nuku

This is a path between Seaview and Eastbourne running along the harbour with limited roadspace in most places, showing what compromises may be needed to work within such constraints. The concept visualisations below are still subject to further design work but illustrate how this can look with or without railings. Where possible the path will be 3.5m wide (in accordance with Waka Kotahi NZTA guidelines) but in places it will be reduced to a 2.5m width.

More information: https://www.huttcity.govt.nz/council/our-projects/cycleways-and-shared-paths/cycleways-and-shared-paths-eastern-bay-shared-path

Ngauranga – Petone Shared Path / Te Ara Tupua

This path will run on the seaside of the railway line between the Ngauranga interchange and Petone foreshore. It will be a comfortable 5m wide shared path.

More information: https://www.nzta.govt.nz/projects/te-ara-tupua/

Examples from elsewhere in NZ

These examples show possible improvements that will help to make the Great Harbour Way a fantastic local, national and international showpiece and destination. They illustrate the exciting and attractive options for the Great Harbour Way route such as around the iconic Miramar peninsula.

Lake Dunstan Trail

This trail is a great example of how ingenuity and courage can overcome most obstacles in creating something unique and of enormous value. Radion NZ reported on how the Lake Dunstan trail has eclipsed expectations in its first year, with nearly ten times more visitors than predicted. It was expected to get about 7,000 people in the first year. But with two months still to run on that milestone, more than 62,000 riders have hit the trail. This demonstrates what is possible for the Great Harbour Way.

More info: https://www.newzealand.com/nz/feature/lake-dunstan-cycle-trail/

Otago Peninsula

More info: https://www.dunedincycleway.co.nz/

Te Ara Piko Pathway (Pāuatahanui)